Villa Musée

About Us

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller

Villa Musée was conceived by Mr. Athada Khoman through his genuine interest in Thai history, especially that of the Rattanakosin period. His love of historically valuable objects includes traditional houses, furniture, antiques, books and photographs not only of Thai origin but also the prevailing styles and origins of the period such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Burmese and European.

Mr. Athada is fortunate enough to have collected rare, and sometimes thought of as common, objets d’art since he was a teenager. Throughout the years his collection grew larger and more diverse. He thus wanted a place to house part of his vast collection in a manner that would truly reflect the way things were “in the olden days”, hence, the birth of Villa Musée in Khao Yai.

Villa Musée is a compilation of colonial and traditional Thai houses which have been bought from various regions of Thailand and painstakingly restored to their original sumptuous beauty. It is Mr. Athada’s intention to showcase the place as a “living museum” which will serve not only as a place for learning and admiring objects of the past but also as a place to be lived in and to experience the bygone era. This is a place where one can hold special events such as exhibitions and wedding receptions or simply stay in one of the exclusive accommodations surrounded by the beautiful great mountains of Khao Yai.